New England Radon, Ltd.

Accredited in accordance with NEHA

AquaBubble Water Softener System

Benefits of having soft water include prevention of scale buildup which results in longer lasting appliances and plumbing fixtures as well as increased water heater efficiency. The AquaBubble Softener removes hardness, iron and manganese levels in water. Total iron and manganese must be less than 5 ppm and the iron and manganese in the water must be clear for the AquaBubble to work efficiently.

Standard Equipment:

  • WS1CS Control Valve
  • Bypass Valve
  • High Capacity Ion Exchange Resin Media
  • Fiberglass Mineral Tank
  • Full 1″ Internal Piping
  • 18″x 33″ Brine Tank
  • Reliable automatic backwashing control valve, capable of being custom tailored to your specific application.

A soft sodium or potassium ion is used to remove hard water ions of calcium and magnesium scale, as well as staining ions of iron and manganese. Standard 6AB units are programmed on a 12-day timer, and are set to regenerate on the day and time of your choice. Metered 6AB units are set to regenerate upon water consumption which offers environmental and economical use of sodium or potassium.

Radon in Water (AeroSparge 2000) is pictured above. The added softener system is pictured to the right of the AeroSparge 2000.