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Interior Radon Air Mitigation System

Radon is a gas that is constantly being created from the decay of naturally occurring uranium and radium in the soil. Radon that is created in the soil can find its way to the surface and either disperse into the atmosphere or find its way into your home. Radon can use the pathways between individual particles of dirt or it can use cracks and crevices in the soil and foundation of your home. Piping trenches and drainage systems that were installed during your home’s construction can also be a potential pathway for the entry or radon into your home.

To make matters worse, your home creases a vacuum on the soil beneath it and virtually sucks the radon and other gases out from the soil and into your home. By installing a radon air mitigation system, t he radon coming into the basement will be blown into the atmosphere using a fan and piping system similar to the one shown below.

Piping in basement that extends from basement floor to the fan unit in the attic.

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Piping extends from the basement or lowest level into the attic where the fan is housed. From here the piping risesĀ  above the roof line where the radon will disperse safely into the atmosphere.